chiropractic services  West Des Moines, IA
If you are experiencing pain, we want to help! We are dedicated to helping patients regain pain-free lives. Oftentimes, people do not seek help for pain until it worsens. We want to help at the onset of symptoms, so they do not progress.

chiropractic services  West Des Moines, IA

Chiropractic Care

We specialize in correcting your body’s misalignments. Our goal is to ensure that your spine and the rest of your body are working harmoniously. To do so, we will help you develop a plan that will require light stretching, some exercise, chiropractic care, and a healthy diet.

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Custom Orthotics  West Des Moines, IA

Custom Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. They look similar to insoles, but are biomedical appliances that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance. The plastic body of the custom orthotic helps to re-align the foot while you walk. We understand that everyone is different, which is why custom foot orthotics are made just for you.

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Acupuncture  West Des Moines, IA


Acupuncture is an old healing practice of traditional Chinese medicine dating back over 4,000 years. It still remains effective today as a way to strengthen the body rather than merely treating symptoms. It is primarily used to relieve pain as well as treat other conditions. More than 3 million Americans and 200,000 children in the U.S. have had acupuncture to help relieve a symptom or condition. Because of its low side effects, it has been the treatment of choice for many doctors across the country. It is even more popular in other countries.

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Cold Laser Therapy  West Des Moines, IA

Cold Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and help accelerate your healing process. Laser treatment can be used on people suffering from acute and chronic conditions in order to eliminate pain and swelling, increase functionality, and reduce spasms.

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An experience full of sensations that will benefit your whole body.

Each session is quick and comfortable... and although it may seem hard to believe because of the extreme cold, it is a really pleasurable experience.

All this is because it is dry cold from liquid nitrogen vapor which helps release endorphins in the body that give you an enormous feeling of well-being during the session and particularly during the hours after. In addition, this generates anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and stimulates our immune system.

An excellent overall treatment that effectively helps the body recover completely after intense exercise and boots energy.

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Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a non-invasive mechanical procedure performed within our office to help alleviate back pain. It involves gently stretching the spine to take pressure off the spinal discs (the cushions that separate the vertebrae in the spine). By relieving this pressure, bulging discs can retract back into place which takes pressure off the nerves in the spine. By decompressing the spine, it permits water, oxygen and other fluids to work their way back into the discs allowing them to heal naturally. Spinal decompression is an excellent option for anyone with chronic back pain who wants to get back to living a pain-free life as quickly as possible.

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Massage Therapy  West Des Moines, IA

What is hydromassage?

Hydromassage is a therapeutic technique involving the use of water and pressurized jets to help massage muscles & other soft tissues in the body. There are other names the hydromassage goes by, such as:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Water therapy
  • Aqua therapy

Benefits of hydromassage

  • Relaxation & improved mood
  • Perhaps one of the most established benefits of massage therapy is a sense of relaxation. In many cases, it can help to alleviate stress & anxiety.
  • Pain relief
  • Another benefit of massage therapy is pain relief. Massage therapy has been established as a method of treating pain in the knees, lower back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Increased circulation
  • Studies show that the cold water in the hydromassage increase blood flow.

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